Protecting Products From Copycats

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Protecting Products From Copycats

Hi there, I'm Lilly Sellis. I began creating innovative products at a young age. I sold my items to friends and family members without an issue for years. As I continued to evolve my product line, it eventually caught the attention of people in my community. I decided to protect my items with a trademark to keep the design safe from potential thieves. Unfortunately, someone still decided to copy my product almost exactly. I had to hire a business attorney to fight the copycat and retain rights to my product. The case sat in the court system for a long time due to the other party's excessive motions. Thankfully, my business attorney stuck by my side throughout the process and eventually won the case. I will provide information about this process in hopes of helping others win their cases as well. Thank you for visiting.



Helping Your Family Steer Clear Of Probate Issues

If you're the head of a family and have been the one who does the most to support it, your death will be a serious and upsetting loss. That's why you need to do your best to prepare your family for life after you're gone; taking steps to help them steer clear of legal issues that could land them in probate court is just one of the things you can do to protect them. Read More