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Protecting Products From Copycats

Hi there, I'm Lilly Sellis. I began creating innovative products at a young age. I sold my items to friends and family members without an issue for years. As I continued to evolve my product line, it eventually caught the attention of people in my community. I decided to protect my items with a trademark to keep the design safe from potential thieves. Unfortunately, someone still decided to copy my product almost exactly. I had to hire a business attorney to fight the copycat and retain rights to my product. The case sat in the court system for a long time due to the other party's excessive motions. Thankfully, my business attorney stuck by my side throughout the process and eventually won the case. I will provide information about this process in hopes of helping others win their cases as well. Thank you for visiting.



3 Reasons You Need To Hire An FMLA Lawyer

No matter how important your professional responsibilities are, they should never hinder your ability to take personal time when a family or medical emergency arises. That's the philosophy behind the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), a piece of legislation that covers all employees of public institutions and many employees of larger private companies. It guarantees twelve weeks off for eligible employees who must care for a newborn or adopted child, or address a serious medical issue that they or a family member are struggling with. Take a look below for three examples of employer actions that are cause to contact an FMLA lawyer.

You Were Denied or Discouraged From Taking Leave

If your employer has misrepresented your FMLA rights or discouraged you from taking leave you are eligible for, it may be grounds for a lawsuit. The same is true for employers who directly refuse to grant twelve weeks of leave for the above reasons on an annual basis. Remember that emergency leave does not require advance notice beyond what is deemed practical or reasonable, and is not grounds for termination.

You Have Been Threatened or Punished For Taking Leave

Unfortunately, many employers will attempt to get away with FMLA violations by threatening or punishing employees who take advantage of their rights. Threats may take many forms, such as a suggestion that a formerly guaranteed promotion will now be withheld; punishment is usually doled out through fines or a demand to work unpaid overtime after leave is completed. It is even common for employers to terminate an employee outright as retaliation, despite the employee being well within their rights to request FMLA leave. All of these situations offer more than enough cause to hire an FMLA attorney.

You Were Not Made Aware of Your FMLA Rights

One of the most common reasons employees do not file a complaint with the Department of Labor or retain the services of an FMLA attorney is that they are simply unaware of their rights in the first place. This is often the case because eligible employers have not displayed information about FMLA rights in a clearly visible and public space, which they are required to do by law. If you suspect that your employer has failed to adequately fulfill this obligation of public notice in an attempt to keep eligible employees ignorant of their rights, it is best to contact an FMLA attorney as soon as possible.

For additional information, contact an FMLA lawyer in your area.