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Protecting Products From Copycats

Hi there, I'm Lilly Sellis. I began creating innovative products at a young age. I sold my items to friends and family members without an issue for years. As I continued to evolve my product line, it eventually caught the attention of people in my community. I decided to protect my items with a trademark to keep the design safe from potential thieves. Unfortunately, someone still decided to copy my product almost exactly. I had to hire a business attorney to fight the copycat and retain rights to my product. The case sat in the court system for a long time due to the other party's excessive motions. Thankfully, my business attorney stuck by my side throughout the process and eventually won the case. I will provide information about this process in hopes of helping others win their cases as well. Thank you for visiting.



3 Benefits Of Hiring A Sexual Harassment Attorney

If you are have been a victim of sexual harassment, you need to make your voice heard. If you decide on the ladder and want your story to be heard and you want to try to get some sort of compensation for the emotional damages caused by the sexual harassment, then you may want to hire the help of a sexual harassment attorney. The benefits of hiring one of these attorneys include the following. 

Benefit #1: They Know the Ins and Outs of the Law

The first thing to know about hiring a sexual harassment attorney is that they know the ins and outs of the law. This is beneficial for a variety of reasons, including that they will know exactly how to prove your case and help you win it. For instance, they may know certain loopholes in the law and may have case law to support your case. 

Benefit #2: They Will Advocate For You

If you want to move forward with your sexual harassment case and create a lawsuit out of it, then going at it alone may not be your best decision. When you hire an attorney, they will advocate for you and be your voice. While it may be hard for you to speak in front of a judge or even see your accuser, your attorney will be there every step of the way to ensure that you get the fair treatment that you deserve. Plus, you will be able to tell them the ins and outs of the case without them ever revealing it to anybody if you insist on it. 

Benefit #3: You Can Prevent Others From Being Victimized

When light is shed on an accuser, they are likely to get fired, and women are more likely to be aware of how much they are a predator. Imagine if you could prevent another woman from facing similar sexual harassment issues if you hired an attorney and moved forward with a lawsuit. By hiring an attorney and creating a strong case for yourself, you can both help other victims come forward and hopefully prevent other women from falling victim as well. 

If you still aren't sure whether or not you want to be public with your sexual harassment case, then at least consider meeting with a sexual harassment attorney to find some more clarity. To learn more, reach out to a law firm near you today.